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A Trance Expert Show #440


A Trance Expert Show #440

Get ready to enter a world of sonic wonder with DJ Alterace's "A Trance Expert Show #440"! 🎧✨ This week, we present an AI-curated selection of the finest tracks of recent weeks, including exclusive releases yet to hit the airwaves!

Immerse yourself in the magical realms of trance and progressive as this special episode showcases the best of these genres. With every beat, melody, and rhythm expertly chosen by AI, expect a unique, high-quality listening experience that will leave you wanting more.

Join us on this extraordinary journey and let the captivating sounds of "A Trance Expert Show #440" redefine your Sunday experience. Don't miss out on this musical feast! 🎶🚀

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  • Name: A Trance Expert Show #440
  • #ATES440
  • DJ: Alterace
  • Track Selection: AI
  • Date: 20.05.2023



  1. KayZen, Social Mistake - There for You (Christian Monique Extended Remix) [Addictive Sounds]
  2. Han Beukers - Breathe Again (Extended Mix) [Ablazing Deep]
  3. Ezequiel Arias - Polvo De Estrellas (Original Mix) [Melorama Musica]
  4. DIM3NSION - Phoenix (Extended Mix) [A state of Trance]
  5. Afterus - Arrival (Extended Mix) [InHarmony]
  6. Bryan Kearney - Fuaim an Anama (Sound of the Soul) [VII]
  7. Mark Versluis & Ana Roze - Let Me Know (Last Soldier Extended Remix) [Subculture]
  8. LR Uplift - Stay (Extended Mix) [Armada Music]
  9. Kohta Imafuku - Best Wishes (Tsuki Shizumutoki Remix) [Enhanced Progressive]
  10. Ash K & Junior - Essence of the Fall (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
  11. Talla 2xlc - Welcome To The Future (Extended Mix) [That's Trance]
  12. DjVincenTech - Promiseland (Original Mix) [Record Union]

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