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A House Express Show #496


A House Express Show #496


  • Name: Deep Emotion Dance Ethno House DJ Mix - A House Express Show #496
  • #ATES496
  • DJ: Alterace & AI
  • Track Selection: Alterace
  • Date: 23.06.2024
  • Genres: Organic House, Downtempo, Deep House, Dance, Electro Pop, Indie Dance, Ethno House



  1. DJ Pantelis - Sharm El Sheikh [Ethnic Soul Records]
  2. Majnoon - Kozmopolit [SxT Records]
  3. Ruveni - Joseph & Michelle (Original Mix) [Harabe]
  4. Oliver Poll - Amman (Original Mix) [Bassmatic records]
  5. RILTIM - Silent (Original Mix) [Mark Music]
  6. Billy Esteban, Cafe De Anatolia, Ghenwa Nemnom - Mosaic (Dim Angelo & Alex Mihalakis Remix) [Cafe De Anatolia]
  7. Valeron - Delos (Original Mix) [Bercana Music]
  8. Dole & Kom - Beryl (Original Mix) [Akbal Music]
  9. Kerem Gell - Taksiyarhis (Original Mix) [Kamai Music]
  10. Ghenwa Nemnom - Castle of Illusion (Original Mix) [Alt Orient]
  11. Diass - Altar (Original Mix) [Bercana Music]
  12. Jarl Flamar - Medusa (Original Mix) [Flamar Records]
  13. Think City, kosa records - Aago (With Guruji Gerhard) [kosa]

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