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A Chill Expert Show #429


A Chill Expert Show #429

Escape the hustle and bustle of daily life with our special edition of the weekly music show! 🎧🌿 This week's episode is dedicated to the soothing sounds of new age, ambient, and chillout music. Let the peaceful melodies take you on a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation. Tune in to discover a whole new world of tranquility with handpicked tracks from the best artists in the genre. 🎶 #NewAgeMusic #AmbientMusic #ChilloutMusic #MusicForRelaxation #WeeklyMusicShow #SoothingMelodies


  • Name: A Chill Expert Show #429
  • #ATES429
  • DJ: Alterace
  • Date: 19.02.2023



  1. Guido Negraszus - Echoes of the Past
  2. Thomas Lemmer - Juno (Stoned By Klangstein)
  3. DJ Artak - Soul S.a.t Remix
  4. Seven24 - Chillstep
  5. Donia - Eivissa
  6. U108 - Wah Yantee
  7. Berk - Melody of Piano
  8. Stive Morgan - And He'll Come
  9. D3 Misty Project - Euphoric Journey
  10. Apple & Stone - Fallin' Deep
  11. Klangstein - Klangsine
  12. Schwarz & Funk - Late Back Kay Fischer Sax Mix
  13. Ladynsax - Sadeness
  14. Guido Negraszus - Infinity
  15. Polished Chrome - At Night
  16. Simone S - Highest Highs

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