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A House Express Show #436


A House Express Show #436

Dive into the enchanting world of deep ethnic house and tech house with Episode #436 of "A House Express Show"! Join DJ Alterace on this unique sonic journey, as he masterfully blends hypnotic beats, intricate melodies, and alluring vocals that evoke our shared human experience. Perfect for your Sunday relaxation, don't miss this mesmerizing mix that will transport you to far-off places and awaken your senses. 🌍🎶

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  • Name: A House Express Show #436
  • #ATES436
  • DJ: Alterace
  • Date: 22.04.2023



  1. Interactive Noise - Green Fairy Tales (Original Mix) [Spin Twist Records]
  2. Savin - Rave Culture (Original Mix) [Extra Sound]
  3. Jon.K - Metamorphosis (Original Mix) [UNCLES MUSIC]
  4. Evgeny Kutsenok - Fogu (Original Mix) [Exx Underground]
  5. Den Maar, The Blockchain - Path Distance (Original Mix) [Hey, location!]
  6. RoelBeat - Key of Imagination (Original Mix) [Exx Muzik]
  7. Alphadog - It's Insanity (Goom Gum Remix) [Kinetika Music]
  8. Space Food - Azid Fields (Original Mix) [Sarcasm Recordings]
  9. Under Sanctions - Hungry Snake (Extended Mix) [Unparalleled Things]
  10. Tali Muss - Om Namo Vasudevaya (Original Mix) [Tech Warriors]
  11. Batikan Tanrikulu - Hyperreal (Space Food Remix) [Harabe]
  12. 2030, Takiru, Dor Reuveni, Mosko(IL), Edn LKS - Caprice (Dor Danino Remix) [2030]
  13. Matan Caspi, Roy Kubi - Jaruh (Original Mix) [Outta Limits]

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