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A House Express Show #448


A House Express Show #448

Let's dive into the enticing depths of house music together with "A House Express Show #448". 🎢🎧
This Sunday, brace yourselves as DJ Alterace doubles down on the rhythm and beats, delivering two pulsating shows back-to-back! Get set to groove to the hypnotic rhythms of Progressive House, Indie Dance, and Melodic Techno, all sprinkled with the exotic allure of Ethno and Tech House. 🎡🌐

Selected by AI for the highest quality, each beat, each melody is meticulously handpicked to create the perfect symphony for your ears. Tune in to "A House Express Show #448" and its twin episode for a two-fold auditory treat! πŸŽ§πŸ”Š

The beat is on, and the rhythm awaits! Feel the house vibes course through your veins and let the music take control! πŸŒŒπŸ’«

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  • Name: A House Express Show #448
  • #ATES448
  • DJ: Alterace
  • Track Selection: AI
  • Date: 02.07.2023
  • Genres: Progressive House, Indie Dance, Progressive, Tech House, Ethno, Melodic Techno



  1. Stereoporno - Ritual (Original Mix) [Bassmatic records]
  2. RoelBeat & Alessa Khin - Lucy (Original Mix) [Exx Muzik]
  3. Nix - Dawn (Original Mix) [Bassmatic Records]
  4. Stan Kolev - Internal (Original Mix) [Outta Limits]
  5. Airsand, TuraniQa - TAKE YOU HOME (Original Mix) [Exx Underground]
  6. Estiva - Repeater (Extended Mix) [Supercomps]
  7. Space Food - Dark Force [Sarcasm Recordings]
  8. Airsand, Jebby Jay - Tamum (Original Mix) [Exx Muzik]
  9. Cherry (UA) - Machines (Original Mix) [Bassmatic records]
  10. Savin - Flawless (Original Mix) [Exx Muzik]
  11. TiM TASTE - The Fall (Shadowmaw Remix) [Crypt Music]
  12. Monostone, A X L - Sahara (Original Mix) [Superordinate Music]

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Filetype: MP3 - Size: 133.6MB - Duration: 58:20 m (320 kbps 48000 Hz)


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