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A Trance Expert Show #474


A Trance Expert Show #474


  • Name: A House Express Show #474
  • #ATES474
  • DJ: Alterace
  • Track Selection: Alterace
  • Date: 21.01.2024
  • Genres: Progressive House, Indie Dance, Techno, Deep, Organic House, Ethno House



  1. Will Rees, Rhys Elliott - Defector (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
  2. Coshee - Lost Secret (Original Mix) [Progressive Vibes Music]
  3. Peter Trizor & E-Set - Snake (Extended mix) [Neostatic Vision].wav
  4. Rene Ablaze & Roger Shah - Ab Aeterno (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
  5. Ralphie B - Homestead (Metta & Glyde Extended Remix) [Nocturnal Knights Reworked]
  6. Omnia - The Bliss (Extended Mix) [ETRNTY]
  7. Br.Apay - How Does It Feel (Extended Mix) [Progressive Vibes Music]
  8. Oliver Smith, Tom Bailey - Everything (Extended Mix) [Anjunabeats]
  9. Daniel Kandi, Reborn Sound System - To Light a Fire (Original Mix) [Trance Friends Records]
  10. Jasper Ascendix C.YANG.S - Into the Sky (Original Mix) [Progressive Vibes Music]
  11. Mike Zaloxx - Caelum (Extended Mix) [Digital Society Recordings]
  12. Jon Fayer - Summer Rain [Progressive Vibes Music]

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